what we do


  • True best-in-class client services / experience

  • Optimization of distribution set-up and focus points

  • Fund buyer dynamics - matching realities 

  • Proposition - case assessments

  • Asset target quantification 

  • Market entry strategies (regions and channels) & much more

Everything we do is centred around European fund distribution - across all European jurisdictions, distribution channels as well as all elements of proposition, client experience and communication. 


We put practice-relevance above all else and are fully dedicated to providing our clients with the utmost clarity and conviction necessary to make strategic as well as tactical decisions. In fact, our promise to our clients is as straight-forward as can be: Clarity, relevance and actionability.


Our forward-thinking approach, much marked by intellect, eclecticism as well as curiosity, takes fresh, different and un-biased perspectives. In consequence, we are well known in the industry for identifying major distribution opportunities and challenges at early stages. ​


Unlike most of our peers, we mainly provide bespoke services to our clients and more than 95% of our revenue derives from bespoke work. Every client is different - in terms of proposition, capabilities, capacities or legacy and also aspirations. What may be very relevant for some clients, might be meaningless for others. Details matter and can only be put in the right context if the client's current realities, objectives and targets are thoroughly understood.


Everything is connected to each other. For instance, the best distribution models, including top-notch staffing, reach their limitations fairly quickly if other units and factors aren't up to today's requirements. Holistic assessments are fundamental to deliver true excellence.